2010 ASABE Robotics Competition

2010 Results:

    Out of 1500 points:

  • 1st place: Kansas State University, 1426 Points. Team members: Joe Dvorak, Wei Han, Xu Wang, Huiqian Zhang, Dan Digham, Seth Perkins, Brent Ware.
  • 2nd place: University of Florida, 1336 Points. Team members: Ujwala Jadhav, Farangis Khosro Ansom, Ramin Shanshiri.
  • 3rd place: Oklahoma State University, 1196 Points. Team members: Aaron Franzen, Zhen Li, Nathan Moyer, Chase Vencl, Haixia Li, Yongbo Wan, Yeyin Shi.
  • 4th place: University of Illinois, 1159 Points. Team members: Joe Juricic, Andrea Wasilewski.
  • 5th place: University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 927 Points. Team members: Drew Landgraf, David Mabie, Jake Brezinski.
  • 6th place: Texas A&M University, 560 Points. Team members: Kevin Lambert, Keith Hamilton, Elizabeth Marley.

The fourth ASABE Robotics competition will be held at the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers' 2010 Annual International Meeting, June 20-June 23, 2010 .

If you have a team and wish to partipate in this competition, please send an email containing

  • Team Name
  • Advisor Name
  • School
  • Department
  • Address
  • Country
  • Tel
  • Fax
  • Email

to Dr. Tony Grift before the deadline which is May 15th, 2010. If you would like to invite other teams to participate, feel free to forward this flyer.

For a complete challenge and rules document, see the 2010 Challenge and Rules document. For Questions and Answers regarding the Challenge, see the Q&A page.

Shown below are two pictures of the challenge board, with the red trees. As you can see, the tops of the trees are unpainted (they have the height of the tree in cm written on the tops with pencil, you cannot read this value with a camera). The tallest tree top is painted in the picture, but we will remove the paint at competition time. During the competition, the board will be painted flat white. Also, the challenge board will have borders of two inches tall and 1 inch wide, which the board in the pictures does not have. In the images, the trees and guidance lines are slightly offset to the right, since these boards are not tied together. During the competition, we WILL tie the boards together and the holes for the center trees will be drilled directly into the seam. We will place the trees into the boards vertically, they should have very little inclination.

The trees will be painted with Rust-Oleum 7765-830 Regal Red paint.