ASABE Robotics Competition
The American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) Robotics Competition is a student design competition that was conceived in 2006. The aim of the competition is to encourage undergraduate as well as graduate students to develop innovative robotic solutions to real life problems in the Agricultural arena. The competition travels with the Annual International Meeting, and hence, the solutions must allow transportation in airplanes. The Challenge will be communicated through the website and digital flyers describing the rules, requirements, limitations, deadlines and demonstration procedures.

The competition is open to students in one or more departments from a single University. There is no maximum number of team members per team, so multiple teams from a single University are allowed. Every team should have a faculty advisor who is also the contact person with ASABE. There are no classes or leagues, every team will work on the same Challenge. There are no limits to the budget. Teams are encouraged to obtain funding for their solutions and participation through on-campus resources such as departmental sources and Engineering Councils, as well as from companies.

The solutions must be developed at the departments, and demonstrated at the ASABE Annual International Meeting. The requirements are that the teams demonstrate their solutions, give a presentation, and write a report. The teams' performances will be judged by three judges from Industry as well as Academia. Come and join us!

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